– Evolution of Music and its Devices… ”My Reflection”

Let me begin by introducing my current project for Digital Film & Screen Arts – called ‘Reflections.’ A time-based project conveying my reflections through 5 stills, being past, present and the future. It took me longer than expected as I found difficulty in refining my ideas, something which I’ve never had difficulty with! I went as far as staring at anything that was blue, as they say, the color blue helps in generating ideas and creativity! Blue relaxes and calms the mind allowing you to brainstorm your ideas more fluidly! Then bada-bing! The ideas sprung all at once at such a time in particular, where all I had to write on was one sheet of stained post-it note with a blunt pencil!

So, after a brush up on my scribbles, I decided to base my reflection on an aspect of my life which has accompanied me since the crack of dawn, Music! And what better then using photography as my medium to portray my visual representations! So I picked up my camera, in doing so, realizing I had all the required elements, right under my nose, right at my feet, the whole time, and all at once… I slapped my forehead in utter disbelief that it’d taken me nearly 2 months, struggling with a blocked creative-thinking hat… however…

History – Let’s begin with the face of an old gramophone, the first thing I heard music coming out of as a little kid! If I recall it was ‘Heartbeat’ by Buddy Holly!

The Past but Presently being used worldwide – Bringing you the turntables/decks with a mixer! Here is where I first began listening to UK Garage, Electronica and Jungle being mixed!

The Mere Past – The horrors, recording tracks like the ol’ times is something I never want to have to experience again. The times one would come and turn down the music whilst you’re recording a song on another tape player which is blasting music so it’s heard loud and clear when replayed. Whilst recording, you leave the room, everything in check, you come back – and the tape hasn’t been rewound! When your tape has one scratch, you’re buggered. When that child comes along and unwinds the whole tape! And your fingers are too fat to deal with the situation till a pencil or pen was at hand! And figuring out which side is which just to get to your favorite song.

The Present Past – The almighty salvation arrived and knowing I’d never have to go through anymore years of metallic-base coated polymer tape ever again… enlightened and mystified as a child by the round shaped reflective plastic doughnut ring – The Compact Disc! No wires/tapes necessary! But one scratch, and you’ll find yourself having to buy another one! – And these weren’t cheap!

The Present Future – From this point onwards, the music industry collapsed. Music sold out fast, and cheap music had to fill the gap. Music isn’t the same anymore, it’s all money driven due to popularized demands of the media that’s effecting younger minds ”faster than bacteria” – What we hear nowadays is pop art of music! Fabricated and plasticized – becoming different of essence compared to the birth of music years ago – what it meant, like art, photography, cinema and film, it had a meaning, a purpose, it reflected current conditions, storming of influences and ideas, even technological advances had a major role in art – visa versa!

Soon to become the Past of our current Future – Last but not least – The portable device, compared to 10 – 15 years ago, now all you need to carry is a circuit board coated in plastic with a digital menu and a charger.

I must say, the last 15 years of my life, I’ve seen a transition even in my own ways of finding comfort and pleasure… it seems the more I move on in alteration, the more easier and simple I want it to be, and the more I miss the old almost primitive ways. It seems the easier life is made for us, the faster it goes. Years ago, one would have to  sit down, brainstorm thoughts, experimenting constantly and refining their ideas for years on end. What gets me is how can anyone find the time to come up with these ideas?! Some would depend on it, not giving up, dieing what they loved doing, and sometimes not even coming close to a solution. Now we don’t have time to think, we’ve cut ourselves short – all for an easier way of life.


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