– My Blood town… Back to Italy after 9 years! (Foggia, Lucera & San Marco)

Waiting for departure at Heathrow Airport! – Grabbing a coffee at 4am!

Via – From Heathrow to Rome, then to Bari.

First time in 16 years I flew with Alitalia once again! This was a treat in itself!

La Villa! In Foggia, Puglia!

The Panini’s in Italy are like no where else! Freshly made right in front of you!

I thought this was quite comical.. it says: ”You’re lonely? Call me.”

The two Antonio’s! Both grandfathers, and 4 cousins share this name!

I have to admit, since 2003, the home town seems to have malnourished, as my cousin said, it has gotten worse, since taxes and crime have escalated to a point of inevitability of change, the town is slowly being mortified.

A heart breaker, seeing women with their children stopping cars at traffic lights asking for money to feed their child.

An abandoned granary which was once blooming with business.

Chapel at the cemetery.

Just after visiting my Dad, onlooking the view from San Marco’s cemetery, a small village in the southeast region of Italy, situated on a mountain, watching the snow closing in.

They say  – ”Those traveling with golden shoes, can get to the end of the world.” Taken from a magazine on the flight on my way back home, stopping off at Milan, coming in from Bari, then back to Heathrow!

This has to be one of my favorite shots, taken by my brother, you can see me walking beside a stray dog… there’s so many of them out there! My family believe if I had the chance, I’d adopt any stray I’d see, and they’re 100% right about that! Nearly every stray I came into contact with, became my companion for the remaining stretch of the road, being their only home.


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