– One has soared.

Metaphorically speaking, it’s happening every where..

My mum knows about me and my random want to photograph anything and everything, so I woke up today and the first thing my mum shows me is these tiny eggshells found outside our front door. Since living in this house, we’ve noticed birds love to nest in our loft by flying under the roof and squeezing through a tiny gap. Throughout spring and summer, little chirps and calls are heard – However sweet they sound, it torments my cat who sometimes stares at the ceiling in my mums bedroom for a good hour!

However strange this may be, I find this quite amazing, knowing that a little spirit has soared. Something I’m dealing with myself is quite the opposite, and to see this, is overwhelming, to a point where my current state of mind has absorbed the notion of what I’m analysing, the birth of something knew has soared.


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