She needs to know… ♥

She needs to know that she means alot to me.

There’s one I bare in mind,
She means a lot to me,
If it weren’t for her,
I dunno where I’d be,
Time to time,
She’s always on my mind,
Since the 1st time I met her,
I knew she’s one to keep,
Since I can remember,
My love for her grew deep,
My feelings for her are strong,
Although I never show it,
All the bad things I’ve done,
And the times I’ve done wrong,
She’s always been there,
A shoulder to cry on,
She’s never turned her back,
On the one who she called sis,
And because of this,
I wrote a rhyme,
To remind her,
And thank her for all that she’s done.

This isn’t enough,
Nothing will ever be,
All i can do,
Is remind her how much she means to me.

Her name is Sana,
And she’s my friend,
I want her to know,
I’m here to the end.

Nuff luv Sana…remember although I’m not with you, you mean alot to me…there’s more to be said and done…easier said than done..espesially when there’s someone like’re one of a kind and people like you are hard to find..lucky for me, I’ve known you since i was 3…and I assure you…it’s not easy finding someone just like you.

Written By Anna Laviola Milo – 31.03.2009


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