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– War of world of words…

If you think someone is walking too slow, it’s a reminder you need to slow down. If you think someone’s walking too fast, then maybe you should speed up. If you think someone’s too colorful for your own taste, then maybe you’re too black and white. If you think a person hates you, then remind … Continue reading

She needs to know… â™¥

She needs to know that she means alot to me. There’s one I bare in mind, She means a lot to me, If it weren’t for her, I dunno where I’d be, Time to time, She’s always on my mind, Since the 1st time I met her, I knew she’s one to keep, Since I … Continue reading

– Stuck..

These are the times that we’re livin’ in. Strugglin’ and battlin’. And there will be a time we can live in sublime watchin’ reality while we kill some time. And as they say you gotta put up with the rain, if you wanna see the rainbow, Puttin’ up with the pain, but seein’ a brighter … Continue reading

– Be Someone.

I was raised by a Queen, My father wasn’t fit to be King. But I still reign supreme, With or without the bling or the ‘ch-ching!’ It’s all about the inner for the good.. And not the outer so you can still stay ‘hood’. Fuck the street credibility, Think about your future, The necessity… ’cause … Continue reading