A Rusty Road; Always listen to yourself.

Haven’t blogged for quite a while and glad to see everyone’s posts and such, will be keeping tabs and using my blog a lot more.

I’ve had quite a busy year and studying at university, I’m still unsure of what exactly I want to do, or become, but I’ve always wanted to teach in the creative arts, and in the last year my practice in photography during my spare time has taken a massive toll, a good toll, where I’m learning a lot, honing my skills and seeing how far I can stretch my creativity. As for my hours during studying at university, I spent an academic year doing something which seemed like a great idea just over a year ago, but by signing my year off on something, I came to realise that I hate it with more of a passion than what I began with. So, I can truly say I’ve learned a lot from this year… who to collaborate with and who to listen to. These two being the fundamentals of studying a creative based course at University.

Before signing my year onto something I now discovered I hate, I listened to one person, and that person was not me. I’m not blaming anyone, but myself, as I didn’t listen to that little voice in the back of my mind telling me to do something I should do, not what I want to. It all stemmed from one evening, going through my options, and I had a ‘friend’ staying round for a while who suggested I should go for the option that will bring big bucks when I leave, if I graduate, so I did. Big mistake.

I always believe in doing something you love doing, even if it means living in a cardboard box. If you’re do something out of money, not because you want to, you’ll end up hating it and everything that drove you to do it in the first place, primarily yourself.

Everything about this year went down the pan. By not listening to myself, I spent a year producing nothing and in the company of a pretentious lecturer who always exclaimed that he ”didn’t care, as long as..” he ”was getting paid.” Maybe, if he held back on such remarks, I may have found my ambition and faith in myself to take on projects that were set, but in lectures all I could think of was this man was here on the basis of money, telling students they are s**t because he gets paid.

All these little experiences and memories I take with me, are learning curves. Not only can I and will I apply these personal experiences to my own well being, but I look forward to passing these on to my future students – knowing how to behave, what to say and being a good teacher, in every sense of the word.

Something I want to share with you, my most recent work ”A Rusty Rod” still unfinished. A composition comprising of 3 images, using a technique I have just picked up called matte painting.

All images used other than the salt desert are mine, which can be found here: http://wallpoper.com/wallpaper/salt-desert-433132

pro mod comp

Anyway, if you’d like to see more of my photography, just follow this link to my Facebook page and say hello! 🙂 Enjoy!



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