The Four Resilience’s

Following the four resilience’s is proven to give you an extra 7 minutes of life, do it every day you’ll live an extra 10 years…

Physical: Stand up and take 3 steps in any direction or raise your arms up in the air for 6 or 7 seconds.

Mental: Count backwards in 7’s from 100, so 100, 93, 86 and so on. Or click your fingers exactly 50 times.

Social: Through any means send someone a message, saying thank you for what they’ve done etc. or shake the persons hand sat next to you.

Last but not least: Emotional: Look out and stare at a window. Or look at an image of your favourite baby animal…

So.. here’s my cat – Biscuit…. who loves to sleep a hell of a lot… in the most bazaar positions!  🙂



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