– How Long Will This Last? ♥

I’m in too much pain, physically, mentally and emotionally… to even care about life,

To a point where the good makes no difference and the bad doesn’t matter.

No matter what I do, it goes wrong. When I try and do good, bad comes to find me.

The bright side doesn’t sustain the same intensity anymore… it’s dull.

When it does, it never lasts. When will the sun come out?

In my life time seems like never.

When will the clouds disperse and allow the sun to emit its glow on my darkest of days?

Seems like an everlasting storm of darkness.

When will the cold become warm?

It’s so cold and powerful, that time has come to a standstill.

Imagine a world of time at a standstill, married to the notion of eternal darkness and cold…How long will this last?

With no effort of time… past, present and future doesn’t exist.

So why doesn’t it matter what happens anymore?

Because the language of this nature speaks for itself…

It simply doesn’t care anymore.

Written By Anna ‘Laviola’ Milo – 06/12/2010.


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