”I’m tired…”

The words that break my heart, that I can’t bare to hear, when my mum says ”I’m tired” …I look at her, straight into her eyes; when will God give her a break, and yet, all the things I do to help, for her, she says it’s more than enough, but I’ll never stop till I never hear her say those words. When I hear those words, I think of her life, past experiences, just trying to put myself in her shoes… put situations into perspective. It envies me when I see mum’s out there who don’t work, don’t lift a finger, and still get paid… and here’s my mum, always smiling when she says those words: ”I’m tired”


3 thoughts on “”I’m tired…”

    • This really gets me down… one day it’s going to happen. But just goes to show how much they appreciate and value the things one might find insignificant.

      Thank you for your feedback C+C

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