– ”4 Letter Word… I Just Wanna Say I love You Mumzy, You’re My World.” ♥

Before You Read.. I’ve Contemplated Whether To Put This Up Or not.. But It’s My Blog.. So If You Find This In Any Way Offensive, I Find That Offensive. Do one.

In all my life, I’ve never met anyone like you,

All the pain and suffering you‘ve been through..

And still you stand on your own two feet,

So strong and fight the will to carry on,

If only everyone else was like you

And thought the way you do,

The whole world would be a better place,

Good hearts, good intentions and good faith.

You‘re my number one inspiration,

Your perseverance and determination,

Your heart of gold and warm hearted soul…

Gives me the determination to persevere in all my goals.

You never give up, no matter how hard you fall,

You stand up, and you stand tall,

You stood by, through thick and thin..

And ups and downs,

I don’t even know where to begin.

You were isolated and alone,

Going through what you went through.. all on your own.

I wanna thank you for still being here,

Even when I know you‘d never leave us in despair,

All those times you took the blame, took the beating – so much pain, never-ending.

But the time has come…

Now it’s your turn to sit back and kick back,

No more worries, stress, just relax…

’cause it’s your turn,

You done so much in every possible way,

So much can be done to repay the Angel you are today,

But it’ll never be enough or come close,

Not even another lifetime will be..

Enough for us three.

This isn’t enough.

Nothing will ever be.

All I can do,

Is remind her how much she means to me.

Never underestimate the power of Gods will, when that is all the faith one is left with.

Written By Anna ‘Laviola’ Milo – 03/03/2009.


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