– Hearted leaves in the torrential rain of England…

Learning my lesson after 11 years, 1 hour, 2 dentist surgeons, 4 fillings and 10 numbing injections later,  I was free to go dragging my jaw from the ground. However numb I felt, attempting to take a drag from my roll up, whilst dribbling and trying so hard not to chew on my bottom lip, seeing if it was still there and ploughing through the torrential rain of England – Nearly clothe-lined by 1 branch of hearted shaped leaves as it brushed my numb jaw. What a treat that was and as always I had my baby with me to take a shot – and only one shot was needed.

Hearted leaves

Lesson learned:

No sugar in tea/coffee from here on.

Floss every day and night.

Get a drivers license.

Frequent check-ups!


2 thoughts on “– Hearted leaves in the torrential rain of England…

    • Thank you! 🙂 I was astounded by the shape and colour also! Haven’t come by these types before so I was fortunate enough to have my camera with me – despite the combo of pain, numbness and rain! Thank you for stopping by giving feedback! I’m happy you liked them! 🙂

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