– Aquaphobia; Remained present, silently in her subconscious mind.

Aquaphobia; Cymophobia, Potamophobia, Antlophobia… I try not to tell many about this one in particular, but these being different types of fears that I suffer from. I say suffer, as it most definitely is a blood curdling, spine tingling, jump out of my body experience. I have had a fair share of experiences in the past, but not one can match this one. I can’t bare the thought of water levels rising, floods and waves… the sound is therapeutic, but I guess it’s knowing the full potential of destruction and the power of water itself. My biggest fear of all the one’s stated is being locked in a bathroom with a toilet that’s over-flowing. For this reason, I always plan my escape – just in case. I despise using public toilets, one that’s not my own – not because of rogue bacteria that’s lurking around, but simply because you don’t know the water-works personally, and the thought of being locked in a cubicle as the water level rises, simply because some number had blocked it previously. With this fear, I’ve managed to hold out for as long as a day and half… just so I don’t have to go through the trauma of revisiting those exact emotions.

However, recently was given a ‘ring’ attachment so I can use my 18-55mm lens as a Macro! This has altered my photography from here on, clearly evident and £400 up in savings. No words can ever match my appreciation for this little gift!

P.S. Next time you are out, anywhere where the wind blows and surrounded by trees, close your eyes and visualise the sea. Amazing.


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