– Faceless: Can we recognize?

A series of images, showing a study of the hair and nose, where only the eyes and mouth have been erased. My intentions and meaning behind this approach – Can we recognize the emotional/identity of a subject, when the give-away has been erased?

The Snub: Advertising & Brand Design Student, 11 am, n/a

The Duchess: Exhibition Designer, 6 am, TRESemmé

The Roman: Channel Account Manager, 7 am, Lynx

The Aquiline: Bar Manager, 7 am, Pantene Pro V

The Lenin: Freelance Media Producer, 7:30 am, n/a

The Greek: 3D Artist, 7 am, Original Source

The Celestial: Sales Assistant, 9 am, L’Oréal

The Celestial Snub: Arts & Media Student, 9 am, n/a

We can always identify how someone feels through the observation of the eyes and mouth, although, some manage to avoid showing any signs of emotions and disguise it better than others. However, you can tell a persons characteristics of identity through observation of the nose and hair, for instance if someone has scruffy hair, we assume lazy, untidy and likes to take short cuts, long hair? Maybe into films and festivals, and likes things done properly, seagull flock hair? Probably into much more than the average! You get my point, right? As for the nose, recent study taken on by Professor Abraham Tamir who captured 1300 noses, managed to match each nose to a painting or work of art and successfully revealed that there are to be 14 types of noses, with classifications ranging from ‘fleshy’ to celestial’ each behold a meaning, provided by the familiarities in characteristics of his subjects. I’ve noticed in my own study that all the oriental ethnic subjects share the same characteristics in the nose, but knowing them myself, I wouldn’t apply that classification to all three of those subjects, so focusing on the hair at this point would aid in identifying the subjects characteristics and to a certain extent – their own lifestyle. Below are two links as reference:



I thought I’d study on the subjects that I’ve only just been in contact with since the start of the project and also those that I am familiar with – being family members. All above images were created using my digital SLR camera, the Canon EOS Rebel XS, Camera RAW 5.0 and Adobe Photoshop!


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