– Being there at the right time… ”My Reflections.”

I recently blogged an idea for a current University project – ‘Reflections’ and titled as ”Evolution of music and its devices…”My Reflections” – 5 stills, portraying my reflections on any topic in particular, being time-based, showing past, present and future.

This concept is much more personal, I feel my main influence in any work I do, no matter what subject, is a response and a reflection on my current emotions and experiences. I’m quite a heart felt individual and find it being therapeutic to express my inner feelings and emotions through visual representation. I feel my work is purer with deeper layers of meaning than that of something created without. So, this concept is titled – ”Being there at the right time.” An emotion that I’m currently experiencing, dealing with life and death.

From the crack of dawn, we were shown the light…

Some viewers may remember this shot in a previous blog – It was then that this idea manifested into what it is now!

We relied on the Sun to tell us the time…

As time manifested, slipping through our finger tips…

We became more independent, but reliant, thinking we could buy time…

But how long will this last before we realize that life and death, doesn’t wait for anyone.


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