– Aldershot Sunset Through Three Lenses…







Been travelling by train a lot recently and I’m coming to the end of my tether, testing my patients and hitting all the wrong buttons, unreliable and time consuming… and at this time of year – freezing cold is an understatement! Whilst waiting for the train standing in whatever sun was left, daydreaming and staring at the sun looking through my shades for too long, to a point where I nearly blinded myself… my eyesight went through nearly all colours of the spectrum into one pulp creating a multi-galaxy colour palette – thinking the world was gonna end I took my shades off and realised where I was.. standing way to close to the platform edge!

Took these images using my iphones 5 mega pixel camera and a pair of sunglasses which were £1.49 from AgeUK charity shop in Farnham! 🙂


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