When My Eye Meets The Lens… My Rebel.

Been a while since I’ve uploaded anything. After another chapter in my life ..another commences and it doesn’t stop there! I remember when I was a very young and hearing the word Universe was amazing.. I was in awe.. and I’d always wanted to go to University.. even though there was no relevance between the two! Time doesn’t wait for anyone.. but I’m glad I’ve reached this point in my life.. and to excel even further into my spectrum of ambitions I have a new companion given to me by my brother as a gratification for being accepted into Uni. I’ve happily with full content adopted this baby as my own.. I go where it goes. Anyway.. enough of the type.


Which one’s Mr.Bean? :/

Faceless Eggheads – (soon to come with faces)

Grapes – Uvo

Scaled Pineapple

Pineapple Mohawk

Pineapple Mugshot

Alone with the Pineapple..

Being In the hands of Kiwii

The Rogue Veg..

I found this rogue veg very strange and I’ve never come across it.. so if you know what it is… please leave a message! To be honest… I don’t know why I didn’t ask in the first place.

The Rogue Veg Again

Salami Pannini.. mmm.

Segments of My Dads Gramophone.

A Big Brain Transistor of the Gramophone

Scape of the Gramophone – More Big Brain Stransistors

Face of the Gramophone

Arteries of The Gramophone

The Veins of The Gramophone

”Look at my Veins!!” … ”Stop being so Vein.”


..The Glam of The Gramophone.

My Cat, Biscuit!

Biscuit Counting Sheep

Experimenting with the depth of field.

Biscuit Counting Sheep

All the above exposures were taken with a Canon EOS Rebel XS 18-55mm IS Digital SLR.


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