– Stuck..

These are the times that we’re livin’ in. Strugglin’ and battlin’.

And there will be a time we can live in sublime watchin’ reality while we kill some time.

And as they say you gotta put up with the rain, if you wanna see the rainbow,

Puttin’ up with the pain, but seein’ a brighter tomorrow.

Those days you awake and your mind goes round the block, wonderin’ what the fcuk you’re doin? while your contemplatin’, the clock keeps tickin’; click clock.

Those times you try and do good, bad comes to find ya,

All you do is good, you gone past lookin’ over your shoulder,

But the past keeps chasin up headin’ into the future..

And all you wanna do is put it past ya…

Written By Anna ‘Laviola’ Milo – 02/02/2010.


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