Thanks to Facebook…

Strépy-Bracquegnies (Belgium) – The Biggest Ship Elevator in Europe.

Thanks to Facebook, in January 2009 I received a private message on the social networking site from someone who claimed he was a family relative, asking if my parents were so and so, which took me by surprise as he had named my grandparents from my fathers side, which explains everything and answers my question .. ‘My family’s tiny.. there must be more!…right?’ That same year on Easter me and a few family members went to Belgium and reunited with what seemed to be majority of my family from my fathers side. We’d only gone for the weekend and due to some lack of basic listening skills (thanks bro!) I had to put my small bag under the plane. We got to Brussels… but my bag didn’t! So for the first time meeting my beautiful, almost long lost cousins, I looked like shit for the 3 days we were there. My bag was delivered to my hotel room the morning I was leaving to come back to the UK.

This year is the same year I lost Max. Lesson learned: I lost something for a lifetime, in replacement, I gained something for a lifetime.


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