Identity Exhibition..

‘I Can Not Help The Way I Feel.” – John Isaacs, 2003.

”It’s Like a Popcorn With Legs” is probably the best way to describe this, quoted by Sam Golding. This 3D sculpture produced using wax, polystyrene, steel, expanding foam and oil paint, was exhibited at the Wellcome Collection Exhibition in North West London.  ”Of course, the body also appears to be suffering from some kind of malignancy, as in cancer, but, for me, the image of the figure, coupled with the title, leads one into an open contemplation of the plight of the individual.” John Isaacs

Check out that Backoff..


Isaac’s reasoning for creating this is not just on a physical and visual basis, but on a mental, psychological factor. Sometimes we are engulfed by curtain situations in life, that can be out of our control.

Mmmm… Comfy.

Fakirs Sandals – Wood and Iron – Circa 1871 – 1920 – Limited Edition – Currently out of Stock. (This Item is for commercial use only).

Phalic Amulet – Bronze and Alabaster – Greco Roman – Circa 100BC-400AC

Not my kinda jewellery… ’tis nice though… believed to bring healing powers.

Wearing Contraception

This wasn’t part of the exhibition tour, went slightly of track from the proposed agenda. Unfortunately I can’t find my notes of who this was created by but what I do remember is every dot you see, is in fact a contraceptive pill, roughly over 3000 of ’em.

‘Jelly Baby 3’ – Mauro Perucchetti (British) – 2004

Me and the Jelly Baby! Was indeed the best part of my venture, so I had to get a photo taken.

”Perucchetti works in polyurethane, a notoriously difficult resin made of many small, unstable urethane molecules in long chains. He creates works which are water-clear, strong and last forever. On one level, this work uses the jelly baby as a metaphor for cloned humans, which are identical to one another yet potentially not like other humans. On another level, it speaks to our increasing tendency to see human beings as chemical assemblages that temporarily stabilise the bases of DNA into long durable and comprehensible chains for the duration of our lives.” ––you/topics/genetics/images.aspx?view=jelly-baby-3

Web address to the Exhibition:


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