The Tree of Life… Everyone grows their own world.

I Grow My Own World

For a project called ‘Show off… In My World’ I was given 4 words – Life, Death, Heaven and Hell and from this I had to create my own interpretation. I created two outcomes, one was literal and straight to the point, showing a negative image of rose, which depicts the cycle of life within a garden, where as this one above is abstract, surreal and viewed from a logical point of view with deeper layers of meaning…

Tree of life

My message: This is your tree of life and you are the brain, depending on what choices you make, depends on how well your tree grows. Good – More brains will grow, giving you more opportunities. Bad – Your branches will bare no brains, lack of opportunities, leading you to your own demise. The life of a tree in everyday life.

The Original Sketch

This is the original sketch, which was indeed just a doodle no bigger than my thumb. Strangely I’ve always had a fascination with trees. In Puglia, Italy, back at home the coat of arms was also a tree. Maybe it’s in the blood stream ’cause there was no connection between the two.


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