Rantin’ and Ravin’…

Morning after Brixton Mass held on 21.7.2007

I was a photographer working for a VJ company called Liminal, a London based performance group which are currently working outside the UK. This shot was taken the following morning at about 7-8am after an eventful Jump Up Drum and Bass night. The event was called ‘Mission One – The Beginning’ and held at Brixton Mass, London. With live performances from DJ’s Mickey Finn, Nicky Blackmarket, Hazard, Profile, Ruffstuff, Unix, Cookie, Deadlock and Snatcha. MC’s; Eksman, Herbzie, Fatman D, Det, Bassman, IC3, Flyte, Fleximus and many more. Probably one of the best D&B nights I’ve ever witnessed, and I’ll admit I was in space that night… hence the trippy pics.


More Visuals


Bassman & Flyte

As the original website is disabled with all the photo’s from the night, I managed to find and upload these from ‘dontstayin.com’.


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