Dead Squirrel… .com?

Self Portrait for Online portfolio

Was asked to take a photo of myself which reflects me as a person, which would be seen on the index page for my online portfolio. Reason you can only see half of my face is ’cause I’m not tall.. or wasn’t tall enough for the camera as I put it. At the time, it was cold so I wearing this hat, which some say is like a dead squirrel, so I added some blood stains and using a harmonious palette to keep it consistent with the rest of the image, and having a white background enhances the intensity and doesn’t distract the viewers attention from the primary focus – being me. Originally I wanted my web address to be ‘’ but was asked to create an anagram of my name as my web address, so closest one to it was ‘’ (Which isn’t up and running.) I used the typeface ‘Joe Wrote A Love Song’ as it kinda resembles a squirrel fighting for its life. To obtain this effect, I used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The font used can be found here >


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