Recycling lost property isn’t that bad, right?

My Flower Pot

Basically, ever since I was a kid I always wanted one of those shoe houses, and whilst growing up I’d always see those flower beds in a shape of a boot, and since then I’d always wanted one of my own. So one day I was on a train and some dappy moo left one shoe on a train.. and it’s this baby right here. (Miss Selfridge – £49.99!!! – Limited Edition so it’s Out of stock! Grrr!) Anyway, I thought it’d make a great plant pot.. and it does.

After my invention, I thought it’d be a great idea as a large scale, 3D, high street installation for high street brands, in which they could advertise their stock in an artistic way, attracting the demographic and making shopping a ‘nicer’ experience. So for instance, this giant shoe as a plant pot, mascara brush as a tree, a purse as a seating area, and lipstick could be a bin or something. What I have in my head is far more artistic from what’s written in black in white!!  All in good time I’ll hopefully create and upload a 3D plan using Adobe 3D Studio max or Maya. Bare with me.


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