Forest of Wonders.. Forest of Dean..


On my way to Forest Of Dean to view a Sculpture trail. The coach was blowing about 70mph and as I do gazing out the window, fortunately, I saw this opportunity ahead, with my camera ready and finger on the capture button.. and  just by chance I got this shot!

Below are a few photos taken at The Forest Of Dean Sculpture Trail…

A Grove Of Slience by Ian Hamilton Finlay, located 1986

The Grove Of Silence – consisted of numerous tree plaques with ‘Silence’ engraved in different languages, this one being Italian. The simplicity of the plaques adds to the solidarity and silence within the forest, making one ‘pause for thought,’ aiding us in becoming more aware and the necessity of being tranquil ‘in the presence of nature.’

House by Miles Davies, located 1988

Miles Davies created this in response to how he felt, in relation to the Iron Ore, ‘surrounding past industrial workings, in the form of spoil heaps, underground culverts and disused railways’ scattered throughout the Forest, creating a sense of mystery disguised by the forests elements bringing peace, tranquility and a sense of comfort. Above all, Scale, material, structure and form are Davies’ conerstone to his reasoning and purpose behind this.

PLace by Magdalena Jetelova located 1986

Seeing this blew me away! Place – what seems to be a giant throne from the middle ages, is made from 7 tree trunks set on the edge of a cliff. Jetelova states ”What matters is not the object itself but something different from what we see. I am interested in placing a particular sculpture in different environments, into different contexts.”

Place by Magdalena Jetelova located 1986

Place to me felt like somewhere I can pause, contemplate and free my mind… and evidently, it had the same effect on others…..

The contemplation spot

Last but not least of all that nature has to offer, my first encounter with a deer…

Dear ol’ deer

If you like Nature and deeper layers of meanings within an Artistic context.. Forest Of Dean Sculpture trail is highly recommended. View the Trusts website for more info:


2 thoughts on “Forest of Wonders.. Forest of Dean..

  1. Hi Anna, I am working for the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail Trust and am looking for people to share their memories of ‘Place’/’The Giant’s Chair’ before it is decommissioned later this year. If you would be interested please email me on

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