I had the Munchies…

Dead Carcass

A few years back, I was in college and I was struck down by a severe case of the munchies! So I went out and shot down a bird.. I then glued it to a canvas and handed that in as my final piece for 3D. Shortly afterwards I was withdrawn from the course……..

Dead Carcass

Dead Carcass

A few sticks, rocks, lots of mud rock, string and bit of paint and some brand new clothes – Time spent, 1 hour.

Dead Carcass

The task was to go out and find natural resources within nature that could be translated into a 3D sculpture. Primarily focusing on negative and positive space created by a 3dimensional form, creating something almost unrecognizable from the original resources used. I wanted to create something which portrays my emotions at the time, so by implementing string and tautening it from one space to another, accompanied by a palette of bloody colours, I had created a sense of tension.  Influenced by Barbara Hepworth, who’s work primarily focuses on creating tension within a space.


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